About Myself

Visiting Art School I was always creative in one way or another.
Working as a Graphic Artist and Visual Merchandiser in the past, but also being a Singer Songwriter for Years I always used my creative OUTPUT.
Starting  with Painting and Drawings, i changed my Focus on Installations after having a Stroke at the age of 38. Temporarily not being to good with my sight i began to do find different ways to express myself.
My own personal Experience forms the narrative of my Work.

'Ricki Nerreter’s playful installations and carefully crafted sculptures are a unique insight to the German artist’s colourful life stories. Nerreter hoards objects from all over the world in order to build a complex visual diary of love, loss, humour and nostalgia. Her vibrant work conceals darker undertones as all aspects of her diverse life are sincerely shared with the viewer. Text and poetry often accompany her work serving to unlock hidden secrets to leave the audience captivated.' (by Fellow Artist Carla Nizzola November 2012)

TOAF May2012